• Peri-Jett H1 toilet seat mounted perineal wash device designed to deliver a topical cleansing rinse or medication to the user's perineal area

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  • The Peri-Jett H2 toilet seat mounted perineal device allows its user or caregiver to wash the perineum. Hands-off opeation reduces risk of nosocomial infection.

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  • The USABidet H1 Palm Button toilet seat mounted bidet is more than a cosmetic design improvement. The hospital approved Delrin ® polymer palm button enables the user to operate the Bidet by use of palm pressure without the need for manual dexterity or hand strength.

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  • Adjustable water pressure and directional control features of USABIDET® bidet seat attachment models allows you to maintain personal hygiene. Wiping with toilet paper is avoided.

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USABIDET® has been helping take care of your 'business' for 25 years.

Thank you for your confidence in our products.

We started out manufacturing our patented USABIDET products in the United States over 25 years ago. We used to make nearly everything in-house ourselves. As manufacturing became more sophisticated and automated we began to contract with domestic suppliers for our various components. They had the machinery and expertise to execute OUR designs to OUR specifications and standards. I was permitted to work shoulder-to-shoulder with a CNC operator while we made 0.001" incremental adjustments to our first Peri-jett units.Tight stuff!

When I want to visit a supplier's manufacturing facility I don't need a passport to get there, though admittedly, I sometimes fly commercially. Our CNC stainless steel parts and bronze cast valves are manufactured within an easy day's drive. I do not hesitate to make that drive myself.

We take the quality of our personal products personally. Thank you for your support.

Thom Lindheimer

What Our Customers Are Sayings...

"Hello – I am switching out three toilets in my house and need to transfer my three H2s. I need more of the rubber bumpers for the seats, a regular handle, and other mounting hardware – screws, brackets. Can I find the proper stuff at my local home improvement store or is it something to order from you? I am also thinking of ordering another unit to replace one in the guest bathroom. BTW, your product could be the best thing I have ever purchased. Not sure why everybody doesn’t own at least one. People think I’m crazy, but they don’t know what they’re missing. I have a few conversions, but many are fearful of even trying it. Their loss… I am also the caregiver for my elderly mother and do everything for her – the bidet helps me tremendously. The only problem I have with the bidet is it made me dependent and now it is extremely difficult to go on vacation w/o the bidet. Do you have a recommendation for a solid travel bidet? Many thanks!" Tom M. - Sacramento CA View More Reviews

Clean Can Be Green

We have always known that wiping their hands is not as effective as washing our hands. Wiping rears with dry paper is also ineffective; a classic survey showed that half of TP users spend their days with "fecal contamination"—anything from "wasp-colored" stains to "frank massive feces"—in their underpants.


Is Moist Toilet Paper for You?

TV commercials would have you believe that moistened toilet paper is the next great leap in personal hygiene. We agree that it is an improvement over the dry stuff. We also feel that it is a half-assed solution to personal hygiene. Here's why: A report in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health describing possible allergic reactions to preservatives used in moist toilet paper. The peer reviewed reference may be found in our links.


Clean Hands and Personal Hygiene

Television toilet paper commercials are nothing novel, though recently there has been a new twist added. A new commercial has appeared which directly challenges the reigning bears by stating that toilet paper keeps your hands clean.