The American Hygienics story itself is the classic story of ingenuity born of necessity.

Our USABIDET H-2 had been our sole model for a number of years. This is our first, and best-selling, toilet seat bidet. Our history includes listening to our customers. USABIDET H-1 was put together in our shop to help a servicewoman who had suffered a soft tissue injury to her shoulder. With her right arm immobilized following surgery, she refused assistance in maintaining her hygiene.  We designed a left-handed bidet which helped her keep her privacy and independence as she healed.

From that design came the addition of an ergonimicall friendly palm button to accommodate those with arthritis, MS, stroke victims, and other conditions that encumber manual dexterity and strength. It's even simple enough for children to operate.

Our flagship product, the Perijett is more than a toilet seat bidet, our customers call it a medical bidet. Perijett includes the ability for the user to administer a topical perineal rinse when necessary.  Perijett is an FDA classified Class 1 exempt perineal care device designed initially to help a wheelchair restricted client overcome the continual need for a sitz bath His hygiene challenges were further aggravated by a degenerative incontinence condition.

Our first home expanded in-home trials, Perijett also proved to be an essential hygienic fixture for elderly and bariatric patients; those with a limited range of motion due to arm, hip, or back surgery; and anyone needing a raised toilet seat. Are you scheduled for colorectal surgery? Perijett can make post-operative care simple, convenient, and comfortable.

We have recently begun to provide Perijett hygiene assist devices to Veterans Administration outpatients who are being assisted by Home Care, Prosthetics, and Rehabilitation facilities. Veterans are encouraged to have your VAMC or outpatient provider contact us.

What earned Perijett its U.S. patent and FDA design  is what sets it apart.  Reducing the need for costly  some in-home care visits. Recent updates to its design have earned it a coveted durable medical equipment (DME) designation, and its medical-grade stainless steel construction ensures that it's sturdy and easy to clean. In short, it creates great value while helping its users maintain their personal hygiene, independence, and dignity.

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We design, manufacture, assemble, and test here in the U.S.A. of stainless steel, not plastics. We feel that we have rightfully earned our USABidet moniker.