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Happy wife...happy life!
I just bought a third H2 for my guest bath. I'm a Marine Vet and bought an H2 USABidet over 20 years ago in hopes of soothing my wife's nagging tissue inflamation after the birth of my son. The tissues healed, my wife was happy and I got hooked too. Most Europeans have known better for eons, but with the standard toilet in US homes, there wasn't room for a second appliance. I now have an option with USABidet that is very high quality and inexpensive in the long run. What's $220 over 20 years? The comfort and cleanliness levels in my house are very high. I hope my kids are kind to me in old age and have one put in my nursing home! 

Rod S.,    Whitefish, MT

I just wanted to say how much I love your bidet. I've had it for 9 years! I've tried other ones and even had a stand alone bidet but prefer yours. Simple, discrete, ecologically friendly but what I truly appreciate its the outstanding customer service. As an MD, I also appreciate that the price it something patients can afford. ​

​Susan         Hamden, CT

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