» Attachable Bidet

“To USABIDET, I would like to take a few moments to say how pleased we are with the USABIDET product. We initially purchased one bidet for our home that was very easily installed, after using it we knew we had to have one for our vacation home as well. I don’t know how we ever did so long without this in our home. Thanks again to the staff at USA Bidet for their support and offering a great product.” – Jim & Faith Heinold, Thomson, GA

The toilet attached bidet is a relatively new development which is being continually modified to adjust to modern bathroom use attitudes. The new designs, offered by many companies, help fulfill people’s expectations of what a seat mounted bidet is delivering with respect to personal hygiene requirements. No longer is the bidet restricted to the traditional stand-alone fixture.

Toilet seat bidets offer the opportunity for the homeowner to simply attach the bidet directly to the seat or replace the toilet seat with one of the may available integrated units. The price and myriad of options are only limited by the user’s needs, desires, and finances.

USABIDET has been manufacturing our bidets in the United States since 1990. We have maintained our high standards and have been rewarded by the return of many customers over the years who chose to purchase additional units for new residences, gifts, and additional bathrooms. The fact that our bidets are made of stainless steel in no small way imparts confidence to the quality of our products.