Your Ultimate Bathroom Accessory

"As a health care professional, I could expound on the medical benefits of a bidet.  Hemorrhoid sufferers and the elderly can benefit from bidet cleansing. Females can have fewer infections. An entire list of health care benefits would be quite lengthy." 

Bernard W.,,

Dyer, TN

In order to comply with the spirit of the Full Disclosure Principle, I wish to report that the only relationship I have with USABIDET, financial or otherwise, is that I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Palm-button water pressure   and directional control

True to our name, American Hygienics is an American original- our full line of bidet products is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested right here in the U.S.A. We use medical-grade stainless steel in our builds, not plastics, so they're worthy of the American name. But we're not just in the hygiene business: we sell comfort, peace of mind and independence as well. We have been doing so since 1989.

Consider the bidet itself: a simple , but invaluable hygienic fixture ensconced in homes all over the world since the 18th century.  The toilet seat bidet is an alternative cleaning device which is better than toilet paper and or wet wipes for the health-minded, the environmentally conscious, and the economically practical. American Hygienics offers products that makes routine elder care worry free, all the while offering a new degree of perineal comfort to anyone of any age - because even the softest triple-ply paper can't compare to a gentle stream of water.