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Perijett shown here as an assistive hygiene device adapted to an elevated toilet seat.


  • Perijett is more than a toilet seat bidet. Perijett is a toilet seat mounted device designed to deliver a user-directed water wash and controlled application of OTC incontinence wash or medicated perineal wash.​
  • Colorectal surgery patients will appreciate the ease, comfort and cleanliness Perijett offers in helping maintain post-operative hygiene.
  • ​You, the user, may independently relieve the discomfort and irritation experienced as a result of diarrhea, hemorrhoids, adult diaper rash, incontinence, immobility, and other localized inflammations. These wash solutions coupled with the gently pressurized assist offered by Perijett allow the user to self-cleanse .
  • ​Our design allows homecare assistants to operate Perijett and help their clients maintain personal hygiene and dignity while removing residual fecal matter or dried urine.
  • ​Perijett has earned a DME (durable medical equipment) designation by FDA and is manufactured in the U.S.A. Perijett is made of medical grade stainless steel.
  • Our unit is made in the USA of medical grade stainless steel and is easily installed with the included hardware.
  • We have recently begun to provide Perijett hygiene assist devices to Veterans Administration outpatients as part of their medical benefits. VA outpatients who are assisted by Home Care, Prosthetics or Rehabilitation  sections at their local VAMC facilities or independent providers are encouraged to have your provider contact us. We do the paperwork.
  • PeriJett has been reviewed by FDA and afforded the durable medical equipment status. It has also been described as a medical bidet, as it is fitted with a medically approved syringe port which allows introduction of topical medications,  OTC personal rinses, or device cleansing solutions.  
  • PeriJett H1 fits most round or elongated toilet seats

 PERIJETT H1  (FDA product code KTC) features

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Construction

Syringe port

Hospital grade palm button

500 mL Medical Solution Reservoir Bag
Adjustable water pressure

Perineal Wash Solution Sample
Installation Hardware Kit
Left-handed Option
Self-cleaning nozzle