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The Peri-jett personal hygiene device (patent pending) is an attachable, adaptable, and adjustable toilet mounted personal hygiene device which integrates the delivery of a topical over the counter (OTC) perineal rinse solution or topical medication to the perineum in a hands-off manner. This method of application reduces the possible spread of nosocomial infection by the user or care giver. The Peri-jett  personal hygiene device may be more beneficial than a bidet to the user or caregiver in situations involving application of medical products to the perineum.

All attachable personal hygiene products designed by USA Bidet are easily mounted to the underside of both elongated and round toilet seats. The Peri-jett phd attachable personal hygiene device is a revolutionary toilet mounted personal hygiene product which is easy to attach with no assembly required. Best of all, the Peri-jett phd is discreet and complements any bathroom décor.

USA Bidet Peri-JettThe adjustable water allows the Peri-jett personal hygiene device to be used with raised toilet seats. Adjustable pressure personal hygiene products are pressure-tested by USA Bidet to provide the best performance with complete adjustable pressure and direction control. Peri-jett was influenced in its design by the need for incontinence management and as a non-immersion sitz bath alternative.

The Peri-jett  personal hygiene device is affordable and easy to install, thanks to USA Bidet. USA Bidet has designed this attachable personal hygiene product so that you can install the Peri-jett phd personal hygiene device without having to hire a plumber. Nor do you have to hire an electrician for an electrical connection or heater since the toilet mounted personal hygiene product uses cold water for best personal hygiene. All USA Bidet toilet mounted personal hygiene products come with a 6-month warranty and free shipping within the continental United States.

Users appreciate that the attachable toilet mounted Peri-jett phd personal hygiene device helps them maintain perineal hygiene without sacrificing their dignity. The Peri-jett phd adjustable personal hygiene device is used among nursing homes, coordinated living centers, and home care situations. Assisting nurses praise the fact that the elderly or disabled are able to uphold their dignity with this adjustable personal hygiene product. Manual application problems by user or assistant are avoided, and modesty and good personal hygiene are preserved for the user of the Peri-jett phd.

Peri-jett phd personal hygiene devices allow the user the benefits of a sitz bath while avoiding the risk of infection caused by immersion in the sitz bath. The topical application features of the Peri-jett phd personal hygiene device have earned Peri-jett phd the honor of the durable medical equipment (DME) status from the FDA.

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The Benefits of a Peri-jett phd (personal hygiene device)

Topical medication or a personal rinse solution is easy to apply without assistance when you use Peri-jett phd personal hygiene device, one of the best pericare products on the market. The localized delivery of a topical rinse feature is especially important in situations involving hemorrhoids, IBS, or sensitive inflammatory post-operative tissues from fissure surgery or an episiotomy.

The adjustable water pressure in the Peri-jett phd personal cleansing device offers the option of leaving no-rinse incontinence cleansers in place or washing of applied treatments. Case management staff and home care providers appreciate this feature as it allows them to assist or support from either side while operating the device if needed. Case management staff also appreciate that personal dignity remains while good personal hygiene is maintained.

The convenience of an adjustable perineal care device such as Peri-jett phd, which can be attached to a toilet, allows easy access for individuals dealing with limited mobility and wheelchair transfer.

The Peri-jett phd personal hygiene device is a personal care product offering either right-handed or left-handed mounting (please specify). This feature further assists the independent living and aging in place individual. The Delrin (Dupont registered trade name) palm button has been ergonomically designed to allow adjustable pressure control by individuals with limited manual dexterity.

Perineal care problems resulting from loss of mobility due to stroke, rotator cuff surgery, or obesity is mitigated.

Toilet mounted personal hygiene products from USA Bidet are manufactured from medical grade stainless steel. Its handsome stainless steel construction means that Peri-jett phd personal hygiene device from USA Bidet is durable, reliable, low maintenance and easy to clean and sanitize.

Toilet mounted Peri-jett phd personal hygiene devices by USA Bidet are proudly manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA.
Peri-jett phd (patent pending).