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"Twenty five years ago we all heard the claim that the computer would create a paperless society! Well, we all know that claim never came to fruition. The geek squad at USA Bidet/Peri-Jett has done more to save trees from the pulp mill than the entire computer industry, and that is just the beginning! As I complete my regular constitutional, my thoughts do not typically turn to the salvation of our flora but to the comfort and cleanliness of my zone of elimination. My left hand grasps the targeting lever while my right operates the variable flow valve. Whoosh! Ahhh! Front to back, back to front....gentle to forceful flow as needed or wanted. Then a little bit of toilet paper to blot dry. Paperless? Not quite. But, I'm sure it has saved numerous trees over the ten plus years that my family and I have been using USA Bidet products. Ten plus years of daily usage without a single problem from the two units currently in use in our home. The feeling of being fresh and clean doesn't only come from using mouthwash and the hemorrhoid irritation caused by wiping, well you can just kiss that GOODBYE. "

Jeff K. - W-S NC

"While I have used the USABIDET system for over ten years and to complete satisfaction, I did eventually need to "upgrade" to an ADA height toilet. I was pleased to learn that USABIDET had already anticipated this growing trend and now makes a longer supply line to compensate for the added height of an ADA toilet."

Richard L. - Rochester MN

"My wife has very bad cases both of Crohn's disease and colitis. Had I known that converting our existing toilet to a bidet would be so ridiculously simple and inexpensive, I would have done it over a decade ago! I wish I had known about USABIDET products. My wife now enjoys her new Peri-Jett device. The pH balancing effects in the OTC Peri-Jett solution have alleviated a lot of the pain she endured up to 25 times/day for almost 15 years. She appreciates the deodorizing effect of the Peri-Jett the most."

Christian S. - Canton GA

"As important as brushing your teeth."

Jorge S. - Houston TX

"The smart design of this bidet makes it the best choice for your money. If you have hemorrhoids a bidet is a must have. Doubt is the fear that keeps you from making your bottom cleaner and happier than ever. Bidet users save millions of pounds of toilet paper making it a green lifestyle choice! Clearly, everyone should have and use one of these for their health, for the environment, and for the joy!"

Will S. - Temple City CA

"I needed this product to assist me while going through rotator cuff recovery. I am right handed and surgery is on my right shoulder so trying to use my left hand made things difficult. This product helped me tremendously. Thanks USABIDET"

Matt M. - Mason Ohio

"We had our USA Bidet H-2 for some years now and really enjoy it. I had noticed a bidet at one of the box stores for about 500.00 it had all the bells and whistles a spray in front and one in back blow dryer,heated seat, etc. But the price no way. Well someone had ordered one and didn't pick it up was a special order Item and it was on the clearance table for 100.00 no brainier I bought it. Went home ripped out our H-2 and installed electrical and the new Hi dollar bidet used it for about a month or so and was disappointed in the performance needless to say I reinstalled our H-2 the high dollar bidet now sitting on the shelf."

K. Fisher - Hemet CA

"I recently bought an h-1, which I have to say I LOVE! I have a congenital condition called Chiari Malformation and another condition called

Syringomyelia which affect my spinal cord. These conditions affect my balance, coordination, manual dexterity, and many other things. The h-1 has helped me regain my independence in the bathroom! I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product."
Michele R. - Portland OR

"After riding heavy farm equipment, from sun-up until sundown, I look forward to having two cool ones, one for a dry throat and the other for my inflamed hemorrhoids. Yours is a product that definitely works as advertised. I can adjust the pressure for a soothing massage and raise it as needed for a good wash. I don’t like to buy things twice. I buy the best farm equipment and purchased the best bidet. I have planted and harvested a bunch of fields since I installed my USABIDET in 1998. I haven’t looked back since. You might say that it has been field tested. Thank you."
T. Disher - Lewisville NC

"We first used a bidet in our travels in Europe in 1994 and knew we had to have one when we got home. After lots of research online, we purchased a USABIDET for its simplicity and adaptability to our toilet. We have had it for over 14 years and feel it is better than any of the bidets we used in Europe for its ability for directional water flow. Also, I am a Physical Therapist in a Rehabilitation Unit and recommend the USABIDET for my patients who have had a stroke, a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, and even back surgery. Not to mention anyone with any disease process where mobility is an issue. I have also told my friends how wonderful this product is despite having no medical need for it. Stop now.... it is so much easier to use this bidet instead of a wet wipe or get into the shower to clean yourself. The patients and friends that have purchased this bidet are true converts!!! I sing its praises every day!!"
Lori W. - Orange CA

"To USABIDET, I would like to take a few moments to say how pleased we are with the USABIDET product. We initially purchased one bidet for our home that was very easily installed, after using it we knew we had to have one for our vacation home as well. I don’t know how we ever did so long without this in our home. Thanks again to the staff at USA Bidet for their support and offering a great product."
Jim & Faith H - Thomson GA

"I give it five stars and my only regret is I didn’t get one earlier…Having suffered lower spinal problems, twisting and turning has made my life problematic in regards to personal hygiene in the bathroom! This bidet has been the best thing that has ever happened! I give it five stars and my only regret is I didn’t get one earlier, life is so much less frustrating since it has been installed! Sincerely, A Delighted Customer."
Holly W. - Stetsonville WI

"Hello – I am switching out three toilets in my house and need to transfer my three H2s. I need more of the rubber bumpers for the seats, a regular handle, and other mounting hardware – screws, brackets. Can I find the proper stuff at my local home improvement store or is it something to order from you? I am also thinking of ordering another unit to replace one in the guest bathroom. BTW, your product could be the best thing I have ever purchased. Not sure why everybody doesn’t own at least one. People think I’m crazy, but they don’t know what they’re missing. I have a few conversions, but many are fearful of even trying it. Their loss… I am also the caregiver for my elderly mother and do everything for her – the bidet helps me tremendously. The only problem I have with the bidet is it made me dependent and now it is extremely difficult to go on vacation w/o the bidet. Do you have a recommendation for a solid travel bidet? Many thanks!"
Tom M. - Sacramento CA

"Dear USABIDET: I just installed the H-1L. Installation was easy and took under 1/2 hour. I purchased your bidet for a few reasons:
- It is one of the few left hand operated bidets.
- It does not require electrical connections.
- It has a very simple and elegant design and operation.
- It is very reasonably priced.
As a bonus, I found out that USABIDET takes a great deal of care of its customers. Your honesty, integrity and willingness to help me were very much appreciated. My wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Any product that makes her life easier is blessing. The H-1L is does just that. Thank you again for providing a well-designed, reasonably priced product."

John P - Newport Beach CA

"After I ordered and installed the first one in my home I was hooked! I have been a USABIDET user for several years now. After I ordered and installed the first one in my home I was hooked! It met every expectation and more. After a couple of weeks of use I decided I could no longer get along without one so I ordered another and installed it in my motor home. It also performed just as the first one so I was a happy camper. This isn’t the end of the story. I have a place near the Mexican border where I go for several months in the winter which makes me a “winter Texan”. I ordered the third one and installed it there. I ordered a fourth one for the toilet I use when my wife and I visit our daughter’s family in east Texas. I own 4 but I expect I am responsible for many many more because I tell people they need one. The price is right, the installation is easy, and it works as advertised."
Don S. - Oklahoma City OK

"I purchased a USABIDET from Thom about ten years ago and was able to use it for only a couple of blissful months before ‘mean people’ forced me to uninstall it. I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say they were woefully uninformed. In any case, I was reminded recently of how much I loved the thing and pulled it out to hook it up again. I live in a very old apartment building with less than optimal plumbing and although the bidet is very easy to install even for this Valley Girl, I had some problems with my toilet’s water valve. Long story short, I got on the horn to Thom and hilarity ensued. He went ‘way’ above and beyond to keep a satisfied customer, and boy is that in short supply these days. Also in short supply is the MADE IN THE USA label proudly sported by his products. I will never again be without my bidet, and mean people can stick to their toilet paper, or it can stick to them. You ROCK!!"

Colleen M. - Los Angeles CA

"I normally don’t do testimonials, but I feel so strong about this product that I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Had two hip replacements last year, really came in handy. I liked it so much I put it on my 40 ft. boat. No more clogged heads. Once you use it you will never go back to paper. I think I will give one to my Mom who is in an assisted living home. Try it you will like it."

Bill W. - Indianola WA

"We all have our "must haves" in our daily life, Mine is my USABIDET.”

Betty C. - Jupiter FL

"Over 5 years or more I have used a USA Bidet. I was burning and bleeding with cracks and fissures in my rectum. I decided I had to get rid of the pain and went to see a surgeon. To fix my problem the surgeon said he could surgically remove part of my rectum but that I would no longer have control of when my bowels moved or pass gas. I made an appointment for the procedure that was going to be a couple of weeks later. I came home very depressed. I got on my computer and was researching what other people might have done. I came across a testimony from someone that said he had a plumber install a bidet in his bathroom. He seemed very excited about the relief he had received. Further research I came across a USA Bidet page. I ordered one and it has given me tremendous relief. I did not have the surgery and have been virtually pain free. The bidet was easily to install and all I can say is thank you USA Bidet. "

Eddie M. - Silver Springs NV

​.........​​'disabled veteran'

The PerJett H-1 Perineal Rinse Device has saved my butt every time I use the toilet. I’m a very disabled veteran; I can’t use my dominant hand any longer and my left hand suffers from carpel tunnel from overuse. Doing the paper work after using the toilet was always an adventure. I’ve never seen a left-hand bidet until I found's Peri-Jet has saved my butt everyday. Toilet paper and a sore, bleeding rectum is a thing of the past. I highly recommend this outstanding product and's outstanding customer service. You gotta get one of these!!!

Veteran Shean - Biloxi, MS

......'skid marks'

 just want to thank you for making and selling this product. I installed an H-1 4 days ago and I wish I had it for my lifetime. The ridiculous thing if I am out and about now and have to use the facilities, the first thing I do when I get home is use the bidet.Let's just say that there is a different feeling being very clean down there. I also commend you on your personal customer service. I also have a story to tell. I use a tractor and it takes me about 2 hours to mow my lawn. Let's just say that my lawn is very bumpy and I used to be embarrassed by the "skid marks" in the underwear after mowing. Since using the H-1 that problem has been "cured." Thanks again. 

Roger H. - upstate, NY

....... 10 year customer

Don't remember how long I have been a customer but it is probably 10 years, OK, thanks again for a product that once you use it you can't live without. It has to rank right up there with the invention of Oxygen.

Chris R. - Binghamton, NY

......absolutely delighted

Whenever I travel, one of the things I look forward to the most when returning home is my USABIDET. I have been using it for years now and am absolutely delighted with it.

Steve P. - Port Charlotte, FL

.......paperless society 

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