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Thanks Thom
Your bidets are a godsend.  I originally bought mine when I had my hip replaced.  Right after surgery you can't wipe yourself; so Doctors recommend all sorts of crazy useless devices that don't work.  I decided to get your bidet and had no problem.  Now my doctor recommends bidets for all his patients.  That's a ready made market for your product.
As soon as we get farther along on remodeling our bathrooms, I will send my order for new H2 bidets.  
Gene C.,       Escondido, CA

I just wanted to say how much I love your bidet. I've had it for 9 years! I've tried other ones and even had a stand alone bidet but prefer yours. Simple, discrete, ecologically friendly but what I truly appreciate its the outstanding customer service. As an MD, I also appreciate that the price it something patients can afford. ​

​Susan         Hamden, CT

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