Peri-jett’s topical rinse features are applicable to those individuals concerned with perineal care and who deal with urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, or whose manual capabilities have been handicapped by surgery, stroke, MS.

People experiencing hemorrhoids, IBS or other medical issues where hygiene maintenance may be compromised will appreciate the rinsing features. The Peri-jett is a universal design peri care product. It allows easy access for individuals dealing with limited mobility and wheelchair transfer. Peri-jett is more than a bidet.

Peri-jett is a toilet mounted hygiene device designed for individuals choosing the independent living or the aging in place lifestyles.

The Peri-jett personal hygiene device (patent pending) is an attachable and toilet mounted personal hygiene adaptive device which integrates the delivery of a topical over the counter (OTC) perineal no rinse (NR) solution or topical medication to the perineum’s surface. This method of application reduces the possibility of hand-spread bacterial infection by the user.

Peri-jett may be an alternative to the traditional sitz bath or shower seat sitz bath. It is a home health resource available for personal use.

Your USABIDET toilet seat  bidet is the logical step to maintaining your personal hygiene and USABIDET has been there to lead the way since 1989.  Our personal hygiene device mounts directly to the underside of your existing toilet seat. We offer both a left-handed bidet and a right-handed bidet developed here at our own shop. There are no expensive plumbing modifications and the decor of your bathroom is complemented by our stainless steel device. We have customers who tell us: ‘I think of you every day.

We provide a USA made BIDET, not a product merely assembled on these shores. USABIDET has been manufacturing our bidets in the United States since late 1989. We have maintained our high standards and have been rewarded by the return of many customers over the years who choose to purchase additional units for new residences, gifts, and additional bathrooms. The fact that our bidets are made of stainless steel in no small way imparts confidence to the quality of our products. There are now many bidets with options available with a wide range of options available to the buying public.

These offer you, the end user, a myriad of choices and prices. All are designed to keep you clean. We believe in consistency and our USABIDET design has remained relatively unchanged since we began. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is the model we follow.

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